Hapkido Information

Hapkido, or the way of co-ordinated power

Hapkido is both an art of self defense and a way of life, a discipline of coordination. It is a unique martial art because it enables one to bring an attacker under complete control. This can be accomplished by blending with the attacker's oncoming force – in effect, the aggressor can be thrown by the directional force of their own movement. 

Hapkido is a martial art involving: yusul (throwing techniques), kwanjyelsul (locking and pinning techniques), joksul (kicking techniques) and kwonsul (striking techniques). The hand techniques are based on hard and soft forms. The foot techniques are based on linear and circular forms. It is in the sphere of the internal dynamics that the principle of ki (vital energy) and indivisibility of um-yang (yin-yang in Chinese) express themselves as the basis of power. 

Hapkido training also involves the practice of training with traditional muki (weapons). Training with weapons provides certain qualities that are difficult to discover with hand to hand techniques, and weapons increase the intensity of practice. 

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