The Concepts of Hapkido

  • Um and Yang
  • The Five Elements of Manifestation – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void
  • The Five Elements of Transformation – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Metal
  • The Four Souls – Heaven, Water, Fire and Earth
  • The Six Pillars of Umsul – Entering and Turning, Forward and Around, Throwing and Pinning.

Ocean field of ki. Your danjun is specifically the are of the lower abdomen. It is referred to as the motivation for all movement. Without danjun movement, you will be off balance and without power. It is a the center of the body. It is often though of in Korean culture as the meeting place for the powers of the earth and of the heavens. We learn about extension by beginning with the danjun; it is the base from which your energy extends outward. Your ki is generated from the danjun; it is only the beginning of understanding power, balance and extension of ki.
"Harmony"; unity to join or become one with. The word carries the feeling of strength and power of natural forces.
Blending of ki. All elements of the universe arise through the blending of positive and negative ki; practitioners of hapkido attempt to harmonize their ki with that of their partners and that of the larger environment.
Vital energy; spirit of life force; the essence of universal energy. Ki is the life force that is in us and all around us. It is the consciousness of nature. It is in all aspects of our lives and it is central to the understanding of hapkido.
Martial arts. Literally, the way of the warrior; but the deeper meaning is the way of the protection of society, of strength and honor in peace.