The Meaning of Poomse

"Poom-se" is a compound word of "poom" and "se" and is a pure korean word that means the mode of motion, i.e. the shape, action. Poom-se is a system of taekwondo training composed of certain frameworks that contain various skills; standing, blocking, punching, kicking, and so on, based on a philosphical principle. Poom-se is a main curriculum of taekwondo training that can be devided in that of black-belts and nonblack-belts. In 1972 Kukkiwon reformed each of poom-saes, Taekeuk poom-saes for nonblack-belts and Koryo, Keumgang, Taenaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Chokwon, Hansu and Ilyeo for black-belts.

The levels of taekwondo are divided into two groups of "poom" and "dan", the former refers to black-belts of youngers than or same as 15 years and the latter refers to elders. The highest poom is 3rd poom and the highest dan can be 9th. Everyone should practice these poomses hard acording to plans established in his Dojang and make it a part of themselves. Poom-se can be characterized as a presentation of thier dynamics and variety in the combination of thier skills to others. While kyorugi was taken up as an Olympic game, poom-se was not at present, but in Europe poom-se contests for man and woman are quite popular.