Taegeuk El Jang — "Heaven"
Taegeuk One is the beginning of all Taegeuk Forms that follow. It is the mother of all and the initial molding force that guides the future actions and outcomes in these forms. It is pure Yang and therefore is representative of Heaven and Light. As such, it should be performed with the grandeur that is due to Heaven and with the caution that any mistake made here will change the course of future events for the worse.

Taegeuk E Jang — "Lake"
Taegeuk Two is representative of a Lake: serene, placid and halcyon. In its depths lie untold treasures, and mysteries of the life it supports. The movements of this form should be done with fluidity and the realization that even though there are boundaries that control our actions, we have the ability to overcome them. This knowledge, however, should not cause the exaggeration of amour-propre, but increase the joy that is felt when one is in control of one's destiny.

Taegeuk Sam Jang — "Fire"
Taegeuk Three flashes with the energy of the Trigram it represents: Fire. For centuries Fire has been a means of survival and without it the melioration of mankind would have come to an end. Ironically, Fire has also simultaneously been the means of catastrophe. Like Fire, the techniques of this form should be done in an almost rhythmic fashion with occasional outbursts of energy.

Taegeuk Sa Jang — "Thunder"
Thunder is energy at one of its most beautiful states. Thunder emanates from the Heavens and reaches down to the Earth in a fury that is hardly ever matched by any force created by nature. It circles, revolves and gyrates through and around the zephyr. It is in this mind state that Taegeuk Four should be performed.

Taegeuk O Jang — "Wind"
Being predominantly Yang, Wind tends to be benevolent in nature. Gently blowing the trees, grasses and inhabitants of the Earth, it is mentally and physically uplifting. However, in its rage Wind has the power to destroy villages, cities and in extreme cases even entire states. Taegeuk Five Poomse should be performed in this light with flowing elegance, while containing the ability to cause mass destruction with a single movement.

Taegeuk Yook Jang — "Water"
Taegeuk Six is representative of Water. Like Water, it is at once a genesis and a decimation. Seemingly supple and conforming, it has the ability to move a mountain. The movements of Taegeuk Six are performed in accordance with the nature of Water: Occasionally standing still as a lake, moving fast as a racing river or exploding outward as a crashing wave.

Taegeuk Chil Jang — "Mountain"
Taegeuk Seven, being predominantly Yin, closely resembles the mental essence of Taegeuk Eight. Mountains can range in size from a small hill, located in central America, to the tallest apex on the planet Earth, located in the Himalayas. Regardless of their physical dimensions all Mountains share the same grandeur and majesty. Therefore, this Poomse should be executed with the feeling that your movements deserve highest praise and esteem. Caution should again, as in Taegeuk One, be taken that ones ego is not exaggerated.

Taegeuk Pul Jang — "Earth"
Gon is pure Yin: the end of the beginning, the dark side of a mountain, the evil element of all that is good. However, nothing can exist as pure Yin or Yang. Therefore, even in a state of complete darkness there is still light to be found right around the corner.