The Philosophy of Taegeuk


This is the basic Poomse in Taekwondo. Taegeuk represents the most profound Oriental philosophies on the world, cosmos, and how life derived. Tae means bigness, while Geuk means eternity. Thus, Taegeuk has no form, no beginning and no ending.

Nevertheless, everything comes from Taegeuk. In other words, it is something that contains the essence of everything. Thoughts of Taegeuk are the principle thoughts of the Joo Yeok or Book of Changes, which is one of the leading books on oriental philosophy. Eight major branches of philosophical theory are derived out of Taegeuk, each of which is represented by respective Chinese characters. Taegeuk Poomse one through eight of Taekwondo are based upon these eight theories.

Accordingly, movement lines of these scenes are represented by eight symbols, or Palgwe.

The vital points of this Poomse are to make exact the speed of breath and action, and move the body properly while executing speedy actions. Thus, we can fully realize the main thought of Taegeuk.