Classes Offered at 7 Tigers

Adults and children of all ages can take advantage of the programs at 7 Tigers. Each student is given personalized instruction and attention from black belt instructors, with emphasis placed on each individual’s abilities.

Training and exercises at 7 Tigers Taekwondo and Hapkido develop physical and mental coordination, self confidence and relaxation. The movement of the entire body will keep you fit and in good health. Besides keeping you fit, your training can be useful and powerful when used in self defense should the need arise.

The Benefits

Men & Women

Men and women will gain confidence to cope with daily problems and situations. The 7 Tigers program will help release tensions caused by constant pressures and responsibilities. You will develop increased stamina and energy to deal with everyday routines. Students learn skills to overcome an attacker, and gain self esteem and confidence.You will notice the difference in yourself, and so will your family and friends!


Parents want their kids to be strong and healthy and do well. Our program aids in building children’s confidence and character. They will develop leadership skills, gain physical fitness and mental alertness, which will give them confidence in themselves, extending outside the dojang to the family and the classroom. Their new source of energy and agility will help them perform better in many situations and the sense of respect instilled by 7 Tigers will be a benefit to their family and teachers.

REMEMBER… The martial arts is not a “roughneck” activity. Rather than encouraging aggression, martial arts will help individuals channel aggressive energy into acceptable forms of competition and personal behavior. Martial arts students have a respect for their physical ability and at 7 Tigers we teach our students to use their abilities properly.

The secret of effective martial arts as taught by 7 Tigers Taekwondo & Hapkido is not just strength, weight or muscle, but a knowledge of practiced techniques.

Our Programs at 7 Tigers

Here is a breakdown of the programs offered by 7 Tigers Taekwondo and Hapkido:

Tiger Cubs

6-9 year old kids work on basic to intermediate skills and coordination. They learn basic poomse (forms), sabong chucks (kicking drills) and basic self-defense.


10-12 year olds aim for the goals of self-esteem, confidence and respect. Students learn poomse, sabong chucks and advance self-defense.


Students 13 years old and older will learn poomse, sabong chucks, advanced self-defense and hapkido.


We offer training for several different weapons, including bo staff and sword. Our weapons program is open to all students and ages with safety in mind.